Zara haul for the boys/ like to know it

I shared a Zara haul last fall/ winter for the boys. Every season I fill my cart with some good basics and a few statement or special occasion (more expensive) pieces. Their selection is always spot on the latest trends and a price range for anyone’s budget. I am going to share a few items I purchased along with a couple I liked but didn’t necessarily need. I will also go through sizing a little bit.

My boys are on the smaller side. Both being in the higher percentile of height and lower on weight. I like their clothes to be fitted and not hanging off their shoulders and bottoms so if that means sizing down to 9-12 months for my almost 3 year old in summer shorts, I do it! This is harder to do with pants bc of length but fun socks and high top sneakers are always a fun and trendy way to hide those high waters! If you choose to size down keep in mind most things will shrink some in the wash, especially the cheaper basics. Of course always read your tags for washing instructions.

TOPS I loved this good basic long sleeve for both boys. This could easily be dressed down or up and only $7.90! Miles has Henley t-shirts from last year that he is still wearing and holding up. I buy Miles true size 2-3 years and a size down for Banks in the 9-12 months. Another great basic for just $7.90! I loved the “Mid-green” color and they had a couple other color options as well. I thought this Charlie Brown and friends shirt was so sweet, I love the message. I ordered this for Miles in his true size 2-3 years.



That’s all for my Zara haul! – Oh and if you have a little girl * insert heart eye emoji!

Part two of my blog today is talking a little about the Like To Know It shopping app. None of the items above can be linked in the app. Zara is not compatible with the app but because it is one of my favorite places to shop for my boys I still wanted to be able to share and link those items for easier purchasing. Just like my previous Zara post and post like my Hobby Lobby Haul a few weeks ago I still want to be able to help you find things that I am loving and you might too.


I want to share some information about the app to help followers better understand how it works. I previously did a poll on Instagram asking followers if they had the app and if they really knew how it worked. I was shocked by the poll, most people either didn’t have the app or did not know how to use it. I guess because I have used the app myself for the last couple years that everyone around me did too. It is simple really. We all have those bloggers and influencers we love right? They post a picture and you instantly think “I wonder where she got that shirt”. I know I always want to know where my favorite mom bloggers shop for their adorable kiddos. The Like To Know It app is that resource. Bloggers and influencers can use the app to link almost everything. From beauty, to home decor, even Amazon finds.

The thing most people do not know is how it all really works. When I first learned about the app I thought everyone could do it. Just download, make a profile and share your favorite finds. This is NOT the case, in fact Like To Know It can be very selective. It took me four times to be approved to be a LTK influencer. Each time I was denied I would have a wait time before being able to apply again. This was important to me because I knew if I was going to take the time to post, share, link and put in all the extra work while chasing two small kids and working I wanted to be able to make a little side money. This may be a part people do not realize either. “Commissionable links”. How this works is pretty simple. If you shop directly through my links then I receive a small commission for it. Just like any other sales person pitching a sale. LTK is our car lot. We are just showing you the cars. I personally love to shop and I love to share a good deal as well. Like me texting my best friend two days ago “Anthropolgie is having 20% off”. I didn’t want her to miss her favorite candles while on sale. I love being able to share the things I love, the day to day with my family or my favorite finds for my boys and earning a little extra cash is just a bonus! Never feel pressure to shop, I am not sharing things just to make a commission. Just like in today’s post nothing is commissionable but because I love Zara kids fashion I wanted my followers to be able to as well.

I am going to share a few graphics for Like To Know It that show step by step how to download and work the app but feel free to send me any questions. Thank you so much for your support!

Corey J

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