New beauty favs

This week I wanted to share some new beauty products I have been loving. I don’t like to change up my makeup routine too often but sometimes it is fun to try something new and I am easily influenced after a stroll through Ulta or Sephora. As a female this is the equivalency of “a kid in a candy store”. One item I will be sharing I actually remember picking up and saying “OOO glitter” with child like wonder in my eyes. Also something about new makeup just makes you excited to get ready. I look forward to getting ready for work so much more when I have something new to try. Here are some of my new favs!

New Products I’ve Been Loving

Hourglass concealer in the shade Birch. Now for me stepping away from Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer is huge! I have used Shape Tape for years and it is still in my makeup bag but I find myself reaching more and more for my Hourglass concealer. It seems smoother and easier to blend. Although I love the coverage of both and think they are similar to help cover my tired mom eyes Hourglass seems to blend easier and faster and what mother doesn’t love “fast” when it comes to getting ready. I conceal under my eyes and like to contour the bridge of my noes.

Nars Liquid Blush in the shade Torrid. This is just a change in state as I have loved Nars blush forever but from pressed powder to liquid. And warning liquid can be a little scary! I remember changing from a pencil eyeliner to a liquid in high school and it being a stressful experience. You know that eyeliner had to be “on fleek” are things on fleek anymore? Lol I like to apply a small (very small) amount to my index finger and kind of blend it around my finger before applying directly to my cheeks. It may take a little practice but the results are so so good. The shade Torrid is perfect for my fair skin blondes. The perfect shade of pink!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara non waterproof. This is a mascara I have used before and remember really liking but for some reason tried something new. Well I’m baaccck. The brush is a little larger than my last recommendation but I feel like I can get in good and close to my lash line and really lift my lashes. I do not wear waterproof because I hate scrubbing it off and feel like all that extra work to remove is rough on my lashes. I never have issues with running mascara. It even withstands CrossFit workouts on days I hit the gym after work.

Lancome Cils Booster Xl The name of this guy is a mouth full but it is a lash game changer. This is a primer for your lashes. It really gives them good coat before applying mascara. I will apply to both eyes after curling and then go in with mascara. Give your lashes 20 seconds or so for the Cils booster to get tacky before applying mascara.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. Another mouth full but probably my favorite new product. I had got in the routine for a while of skipping out on eyeliner. After becoming a mother it just seemed like the easiest step to skip while trying to cut down my getting ready time. However one of my favorite Influencers shared how she got really good and quick at her eyeliner and that was practice! It actually made sense that the more you do it the better and faster you would get. I mean it use to take me probably five minutes to create my perfect eyebrows. Now after a solid decade I can fill my brows in less than a minute. I start with a little wing, if it gets bigger it gets bigger but start small. I do both wings, making sure they are even (even enough) and then I go back in and trace my lash line. This made a huge difference compared to doing one complete eye at a time. This product also withstands the sweat from the gym. It even withstands washing my face sometimes. I have started to dry my face and notice I still have a wing hanging on.

Stila Glitter and Glow shade Wanderlust. Remember the “OOO glitter” moment I described- This was it! I have shared this product recently on Instagram stories and had so many questions. I have never used liquid eyeshadow and I was skeptical at first but this stuff is so good. I apply to my lid from inner corner to about half way and then use my finger to blend into my pressed eyeshadow I have already applied. It dries so quick and stays put. No fall out, no smudging onto the top of my eye. It will make your eyes POP!

Stila Shimmer and Glow shade Kitten. This is another liqiud eyeshadow but a shimmer instead of glitter. I bought this after the glitter but actually like it more because the shimmer seems more everyday makeup with the glitter more glam. I apply the same way and some days I actually use by itself and will blend higher into my eyebrow bone. The colors are almost identical but one is glitter and one is shimmer.

Urban Decay Honey Palette. Oh the beautiful warm tones this palette offers! I feel like this is one of the most underrated of UD’s series. It is so good and has a great mixture of colors. My favorite blending shades are Hive and Drip, they are the perfect combo with the Stila liquid eyeshadow Kitten. I also love the darkest shade Sting for my lower lash line.

That’s all for my newest makeup favs. If you have any questions about any of the products I have shared feel free to reach out! All products are linked to my @liketoknowit page. You can download the app, search Catch up with Corey to shop, go to my “SHOP” tab at the top or just hit the links through out my post. Make sure to follow me in the app!

Corey J

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