While I’m not mommin’ or writing a blog my true day job is a hairstylist. I have professionally done hair for eight years. I pretty much always knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. Hair and beauty just always came natural to me. That is not to say I didn’t have the seventh grade straight across bangs and two shades too dark makeup line. I did. Oh I did. Years of practice later I have a pretty good handle on the beauty and hair world.

Today I want to share some tips and picks of my favorite hair products. Some things I can’t go without and some honorable mentions. This is not a post where I can say “now I am not a professional” because actually I am so listen up, kids!


We are going to start from the top. From the shower and out. Number one being my toning shampoo. To most blondes this is what is known as “purple shampoo”. I love a handful of regular shampoo’s. I really like to try something new but with my toning shampoo I am a tried and true girl with my Matrix Brass Off. A blue based shampoo created to cut the “brass” or “orange” tones out of the hair. It does exactly that and almost to well if you are not careful. It will stain your hair and scalp if you are not quick enough to wash. If you are looking for cool tones or that ash that everyone is in love with right now well you have met your match. If you are a bright blonde with minimal warmth I would not suggest using more than once a week and do not leave on longer than five minutes. I typically shave a leg while I let it sit and then wash.

Number two. Olaplex Bonding Oil. If you know anything about Olaplex it is the GOAT in the hair industry. It has been a game changer in salons. I highly, highly recommend and if your hair is on the damaged or dry side this is a must. My hair is naturally more dry, without highlights and before postpartum changes I never had to wash my hair often. It is just my texture. I need a good leave in after a few day stretch. I apply on wet hair. You can apply to dry.

Number Three. Bamboo 48hr volume Spray. This is a must if you want some volume in your hair without to much grit against your scalp. I do not blow dry my hair after every wash but if I do use a blow dryer I always spray my Bamboo volume spray in my bang and crown area. I would not recommend using if you air dry. If you are like me and try to skip the extra heat by air drying, you can apply the volume spray and blow dry your scalp only to activate the product and then allow the rest of the hair to dry naturally.

Number Four. Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Texture Spray. This is it for me. The holy grail. I have used a lot of hairsprays and texture sprays but this is by far is my favorite. It gives you the texture you need for those unfinished waves but you can build for more hold. A little goes a long way. I have used sprays that leave my hair so gritty I feel forced to wash it after just one style. I can re apply to second and third day hair if needed and still don’t feel tacky.

Number Five. Living Proof Dry Shampoo. Like hairsprays and texture sprays I have tried my share of dry shampoo’s. I mean I have kids dry Shampoo is practically in my blood stream at this point. This spray has a very light smell, not too much fragrance at all. It smells fresh, exactly what you want out of a dry shampoo. I like the pressure of the nozzle as well, some will blast you with a clump of powder right to the scalp that is damn dear impossible to blend even with a little scalp grease. It is a 10/10 for me.

  • Matrix Brass Off Shampoo
  • Olaplex Bonding Oil
  • Bamboo 48hr Volume Spray
  • Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Texture Spray
  • Living Proof Dry Shampoo


Because I have experimented with a number of different products I thought I would share a couple back-ups. These are products I either don’t use everyday or a couple back up brands in case I for some reason can’t get my go to’s.

  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny. – Great for humidity. My curly girls love this one. Also good to tame those postpartum fly away hairs.
  • Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode Hairspray– I use this when I do need extra hold, good for everyday hold. Great smell!
  • It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in– Similar use as the Olaplex oil but more of a conditioning treatment. Must have for fine hair!
  • Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo– The full name is a mouth full but my second choice dry shampoo, also a nice clean smell!
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo– Best drug store dry shampoo hands down. I like the original!


DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. The hairstylist in me screams a little bit when I hear someone say they have to. You do not! Nothing is better for your hair than that natural oil. You could actually be damaging your hair by over washing. Think about it. Heat from your shower, heat from your blow dryer, heat to style, plus once again that oil from your scalp is healthy and works like a conditioning treatment. A dry scalp can not properly stimulate hair growth. I suggest every other day at least. Figure out some in-between wash hairstyles, hair accessories or try a hat. I’m a big fan of hats and a great way to skip a wash!

For the love of God get a regular trim! This one I know to well. Girls 14-18 are the worst for this one. They all want that long mermaid hair during those high school years. I get it, I was that girl! I thought I was bald after the smallest trim. Everyone gets split ends. A child with no chemical processes will get split ends. If you do not cut the ends they will continue to split higher and higher. I also hear “how will my hair grow if I keep cutting it”. On the average hair grows half and inch each month, that means getting a trim every other month of a half inch or less you are still keeping a half inch of growth each time. I recommend a trim every 8-12 weeks. For color processed clients every other hair appointment. This is about 12 weeks.

Well Balanced diet and exercise. This one should go without saying. Treat your body right and your hair will flourish. It is amazing the changes I have seen in my own hair and skin when I drink more water alone much less add in some veggies and a little activity.

Deep conditioning. This should be considered self care. At least once a month give your self a hair mask. Even if it is just with your regular conditioner. Apply it to your hair, brush it through with a wide tooth comb and enjoy a hot bath. This will not only condition your hair but also help strip away some of that product build up as well.

Scalp Massage. This is one most people do not think about. The most underrated secret in hair care is as easy as rubbing your head. This can be done when you are washing or just lounge around. Scalp massage stimulates hair growth. Before Miles had a head full of hair each night during bath time I would really rub and massage his scalp trying to stimulate some growth. He was my Tommy Pickles for about 15 months of life.


DO NOT PUT HEAT ON YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. This goes back to not washing your hair everyday- same rules try to find ways around extra heat.

QUIT WITH THE PONYTAIL SIS. Seriously girl stop with the tail. I know we all need a ponytail sometimes. Some jobs, the gym, kids. I know it is easy to throw up the pony a go but the tension it does to your scalp is unrivaled. Try some big claw clips. My personal favorite and funny because I use to make fun of my mom for her hair clips but less pull on your hair. Another on trend option is a good scrunchy. Not as tight and most will not crease your hair.

My personal favorite. STOP GOING TO EVERY TOM, DICK AND HARRY. I have a hard time understanding “shop hoppers” now this is not a personal thing because I very much understand my style might not be yours. You might like your tea sweeter than mine. You are not my property and I am not offended when clients go to other stylist but find one. Find one you love and stay put. Be able to talk to your stylist. Be upfront and honest about what you like and don’t like. We do not know unless you tell us. Switching around is the fastest way to damaged hair. Mostly because every stylist is different, the product they are using, the pattern and style they are creating. Asking two stylist to highlight your hair the same way without overlapping chemicals and creating damage is impossible. I’m not saying you can not get a bad stylist. Not everyone with a licenses is meant for this job but if you have been to 10-15 different people in 10 years of getting your hair professionally done the stylist may not be the problem.

That is my top pick and tips for all things hair. I hope this was informative and helpful. If you have any hair questions please feel free to reach out. I also recently shared a tutorial for everyday waves on my Instagram account. I saved the tutorial under my highlights under “wave tutorial”.

-Corey J


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