One place I could spend hours and hours is Hobby Lobby. Soothing instrumental music, every knickknack you could think of plus almost everything is some percent off. Oh how I love that white and red sign that reads X amount off original price. Plus thanks to my MIL I know you can download the free app and it offers daily coupons. I had one item from my haul that was not marked down (a helium tank for Banks first birthday) but open the app and boom 50% off.

I recently made a play corner in the corner of our living room. I have kids and I know toys are just going to be everywhere. I understand that but my ocd will not allow me to just not try to have SOME order. Now I have not found the secret to a spotless home with children but I can tell you the difference it has made having a designated area in our home. I really noticed this while visiting a friend a while back when Miles had been playing with her daughter and when it was time to go I said “Miles let’s help clean up” and he started to line her toys up and carry them back to where he had got them. Proud mom moment. By no means is my two and a half year old tidy but he does seem to keep his toys condensed to this area and actually enjoys our nightly routine of picking up.

During our stay at home practicing social distancing I basically took things I had to make the boys play corner “cute and cozy”. This was a MESS. First of all the pictures that were previously hanging in this area were strategically placed to hide oops holes. You know when you try to hang a picture and you hit a stud or the drywall nail goes completely through the wall. Basically unwanted holes. Anyone else husband? Bless that man but he one time actually hung all our bathroom items (toilet paper roll, towel rack, hand towel rack) by eye. He hung them BY EYE. No level, no measurements, he just wished for the best and it wasn’t. I love him. (this was in the guest bath and he said he thought no one would notice). lol After I hung everything up again strategically around holes, one hole was left to see so Jared decided to just fill it in and paint over the oops. Oops again it was the wrong gray as we have several different shades of gray in our home. I tried to hide this much larger than it needed to be paint swatch but it made the display of pictures much too crowded. I made it work for the time being but after a recent visit to Hobby Lobby to pick up some goodies for Banks birthday party I hit the holy grail. My car loving toddler was going to lose his mind. And guess what? Everything was on sale! I just love Hobby Lobby. And yes Miles was a huge fan. I arrived home with all the play corner goodies and the boys actually tried to play with the decor. Miles was driving around his car hooks like they were matchbox cars. The imagination of a toddler. I’ve had to remind him a couple times they are not toys but decorations we don’t play with but it was a hit and I am much happier with the overall appearance. Oh and your girl hung it all, no extra holes, all old ones are covered and the big paint spot- hidden! I’m sharing the items below I purchased with individual links! Remember I can link items in the LIKE TO KNOW IT app as well that connects through my SHOP link. If I cannot link there I will here but make sure to follow me on the LTK app as well!

The boys new play corner decor!

Unfortunately I could not find the small hooks or police and firetruck pictures online, my favorite pieces. Maybe they are in store only. : (

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