Vacation 2020 (North Myrtle beach)

I started my blog with the intent to share my day to day life with my family. As something I could look back on. As much as I don’t think I’ll forget our recent family vacation because 2020, right? I wanted too share positive images and memories we have made. Some of it was strange. It was different than what we were use to. We have stayed at the same condo for ten plus years. With our growing family we are close to needing to find a bigger option. We vacation with my in-laws and my brother and sister in-law. Two bedrooms is getting tight but The Oceans at North Myrtle Beach feels like home at least one week every year (this year for two weeks!) Our condo did a great job of making us all feel “safe”. They took proper precautions and had many signs directing its occupants how to do the same. Like I said it was strange to not hold the elevator door for a mom and her two kids, a little old lady coming from the laundry room. This time last year I could hear my husband “come on in we can squeeze one more” while politely holding the elevator door. It was strange taking our toddler to his first Ripley’s Aquarium experience with a face coverings on. It was sad not wanting my lively toddler to play amongst other children at the beach. My solace to this whole experience was knowing Miles and Banks knew no different. Not a moment of their time was tainted. With complete joy from my children I was able to find comfort in knowing this strange time we are living in is only temporary but the memories we made during our two week stay and Banks first beach trip would always be.

Now a quick round up of our wacky schedule. We have vacationed with Jared’s family for years and try to keep the tradition going- so this year my sister-in-law started working as a L & D nurse so she was the low man on the pole when it came to vacation dates. She and my brother-in-law could do a Wednesday to Wednesday. My schedule along with my in-laws was flexible. We quickly realized it was cheaper to do two weeks vs a week and a half. This insured everyone got at least one week together. Day one me, the boys and my mother and father-in-law all went on the eight hour drive to North Myrtle (we stayed two weeks). Jared, his brother and his wife joined us on Wednesday (Jared staying a week and a half, his brother and his wife staying WED-WED). Wacky, right?

Having our annual picnic before arriving at the beach


This part of the story to me was important because “wow” single moms hats off to you. dragging two kids and two bags down and back to the beach for four days with out my husband was a solute to how spoiled I am. Crossfit could not even prepare me for a farmers carry including two wiggly boys. The first few days was pretty much getting into a routine. If you have read my post before you know myself and my boys are night owls so adjusting to getting up early and getting that good sunlight took a coupe days plus doing a new routine without my spouse’s help. The boys loved nothing more than a good beach nap and flying solo for a few days mama enjoyed those shared nap times as well. This was the time I enjoyed a good podcast and some non shaded sun. If you are into podcast I highly recommend Crime Junkie with Ashley Flowers and Britt Prawat. I have always been a fan of true crime and a good mystery and to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. My husband recently asked “how many episodes do they have”. Confirmation my ear pods have been attached to my head for several weeks. Besides the great naps my boys enjoyed they thankfully really enjoyed the sand. Miles first walking year on the beach he was not a fan. Not at all. He really does not like things on his hands and would only walk that first year with shoes on and even then would pretty much play “the floor is lava” beach chair to beach chair. So I was pleasantly surprised when he did not skip a beat this year. He actually requested to take his shoes off! Huge deal! Banks reserved the nickname ‘the animal” over time because child just did not care, he rolled around in the sand like it was his job. He snacked with sand covered hands, he loved to touch all over you or anyone else with sand cover hands and even tried to drink his mini pool water full of sand and salt water- THE ANIMAL lol. (mom hack: bring a small blow up pool to the beach to keep your little ones in one place- also nice to wash of some of that sand).

One of their fourteen beach naps lol
No fear of sand now!


One of our favorite things Miles says whenever we are away even just for a moment is “daddy is home” or “mommy is home” so you can be assured when Jared arrived on Wednesday he was graciously greeted. I did not take the boys to the water very much until Jared came because I will just be honest the ocean scares me a little. I am a knee deep kind of person and I’m out. Miles did not have much interest the year before but this time he loved playing at the edge of the water, almost running away happily as if the ocean was chasing him. A moment as a parent you just smile at your child’s beautiful wonder. Banks LOVED the water, he put his new walking skills to good use and practically walked into the ocean without any fear. Once Jared’s extra hands were with us we took the boys out to crash some waves. This was probably their favorite thing to do at the beach. They loved the waves rushing at them and then rising back. Miles would scream he was “riding a car”. His imagination is so fun to witness.

A sleepy yawn but too excited to nap!
Pure magic!
Football with dad!


Saturday we celebrated Independence Day at the beach. In my boujee fashion we were patriotically matching (my husband loves when I do this). ; ) I will be linking as much as I can at the bottom of this blog and you can always go to my “SHOP” link to shop our beach looks from the Like To Know It app. Make sure to follow me there and on my other pages linked! Also my best friend had her baby boy on the Fourth of July! Happy Birthday Oliver!


Family picture day on the beach, we all do them right? I plan our outfits for weeks. Usually we pick a color amongst the girls and go from there. Usually I do white and pop colors with the boys outfits because that just seems easier. We got a few “good” pictures but I’m not going to lie I was ready to sale Miles after these photos. He was a toddler in full force that night. He desperately needed a nap he just wouldn’t take. Ever know something is going to happen before it does? Yep. I knew someone wouldn’t cooperate during our much planned family photos but that is the thing with kids especially toddler aged. You just never know what you are going to get. This was a lesson learned much like 2020 has been to just roll with the punches and temper tantrums. And no worries Miles and I made up shortly after. He even received a new car and some ice-cream. I am weak and I love that turddler.


Jared and I pretty much said for months we couldn’t wait for our beach trip and to take Miles to the aquarium. We knew he would be at that perfect age and it just so happened he had become extremely into fish and sharks. One of his common phrases this week was “I love to fish” – fun fact is he has never bee fishing but he loves it nonetheless. He was so excited we could barely get him away from the entrance of the building where a large fish tank stood. The shark tunnel was definitely his favorite part. “shark, rawr”. Everything rawr’s. Banks actually loved it as well, especially the penguins. Real or fake our little buddy didn’t care. This day was possibly the highlight of our trip.


We ate in most nights but one really special place for us is Ella’s. Jared’s family has been going for years, well before my time as a Jeffrey. It is a special place to his mom and our trip would not be complete without Ella’s. We took Miles down to the boat dock after dinner to check out some boats. He loved “them boats”.


And just like that two weeks at the beach with our babies came and went. On the last night I wanted to attempt some pictures of the boys, a couple for Banks birthday around the corner. The first will probably be a favorite of mine forever lol. This was an attempt to sit the boys together and the live pictures are as comical as Miles face shows. This year has been strange to say the least but having the light that is our children has kept our spirits high and our thoughts positive. From sandy hands on burnt skin (ouch), to fighting tiny crocodile like children to put sunscreen on, to throws in the pool – Miles loves his Unk’s “high throws”, to every single beach nap I most definitely took pictures of, this trip was by far the best because of the people we spent it with. Now more than ever it is so important to hold tight to your family and appreciate how blessed we are.


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