Six Month Update with Banks!

Wow, six whole months with our baby boy Banks! Well technically he will be seven months on the twenty fourth but hey I am a mom isn’t showing up late in coffee stained attire part of our code?

The first couple words that come to mind over the last six months- and a couple weeks is time management and survival. I know, I know not the prettiest words when it comes to talking about your new buddle of joy. But the survival mode included lots of cuddles, milestones, and baby giggles.

I am thankful my husband had eight weeks paid paternity leave. That’s right eight weeks! Hats off to the ladies who have adjusted to two babies with spouses running out the door to work days later, sometimes not even that. It was so easy during that time to share our time with both of our boys. I think that time with mom and dad at home helped adjust Miles better than anything to his new role as big brother. But when dad returned to work is when the words time management and survival really set in.

First off a schedule is your best friend- we are far from a perfect schedule, my children are night owls, who like to sleep in. Finding a routine that fit us has made the biggest difference in our days. Number one, let them sleep. Banks has been my good sleeper. Most nights he is asleep hours before his brother who likes to pull the occasional 1:30 am. Miles woke up every 2-3 hours the first twelve months of life which I often told myself was normal. That’s normal right? I thought because he was breastfed that was just his schedule to eat. I now realize I was used like a paci- “a dummy” as Jared’s English grandmother calls it. Yes I was a dummy. Banks my non pacifier using baby however started to sleep through the night at month two. wHaT?! Babies do that? Most days my boys sleep till 10am or later. Today was a noon day for big brother meaning no nap today- is that time management or survival? Will I manage my time and clean the bathroom as my babies sleep their morning away?- Will we survive the car ride to the grocery store without a nap?

Remember how I said Banks is my good sleeper, let me explain a little further, he sleeps through most the night and compared to his brother that is a dream. However to get to that dream can sometimes be a nightmare. Every night it is a wrestling match of crying, rocking and butt patting till our little fighter finally gives it up. So yes he sleeps but he absolutely fights his sleep and this includes daytime naps as well. I sometimes find myself getting frustrated at these tired tantrums. -Then comes the mom guilt. But as his cries weaken, I remind myself how short this time of life is. He will not always need me to put him to sleep, to help him get the rest he so much needs. Could I accomplish more in my home with a peaceful two hour nap? Sure, but will he need my cuddles of comfort forever? Sadly no- Survival. I will gladly fight naps and survive.

We talked a little sleep so lets move on to the next popular question “how does he eat”. We are still successfully breastfeeding- He gets pumped bottles on Tuesday and Thursday when I work. He is on a three hour schedule with the exception of bedtime. And baby food? Well we tried. I tried at four months with Miles, I tried at six months and again at almost eight months and at almost eight months finally he would eat half a jar of baby food a day. Having been through this I knew Banks not having much interest in a jar of green beans was not a big deal. When he thrusted all the greens out as fast as I could scoop them back in I told myself this was not a big deal. We have randomly tried a couple other things- potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumber. -yes cucumber (spear cut). I think it was a good teether. Potatoes were also a hit. I mean who doesn’t love potatoes?

As far as milestones goes he is thriving! He seems to be hitting everything so fast. I tell everyone he is just trying to keep up with big brother. He is currently sitting up unassisted, crawling- mostly on his stomach but occasional will move to his knees, he loves to stand and has impressive strength and balance while standing, he can go where ever he wants with the help of his walker and most recently said his first word- dada. He has two bottom teeth, sweet chubby thighs, grows in inches and ounces every month. He loves being active, either in his walker, crawling or rolling around his play mat- thus the hatred of naps. He loves bath time, being talked to, when his brother gives him attention, most recently pictures, his dog and of course mommy and daddy. Dad is really excited about that first word.

Every milestone and new skill is so exciting but also a little sad for mom. The past six months have went by so quickly. We will be planning your first birthday party so soon. You will be walking in no time, even talking. I can not wait to see it, to hear but oh if I could keep you small a little longer sweet boy. Yes the last six months have been full of new challenges but we have survived, happily. We managed two under two, most days with clean clothes and brushed hair. I am excited to see what the next months has in store for our boy!

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