Cheers to 2020!

Here we are. Another day, another dollar. A new decade! The start of a new year is always so exciting. We can not help but to wonder what the next twelve months will hold. A new beginning? For a moment we feel as if the world is ours and we can do anything. As I write those words I realize how amazing it would be if we entered each day with that mind set. With the very thought that today is a new day, a new chapter, a new me.

I’m not going to be a cliché and say ‘new year, new me’ because let’s face the facts nobody changes their bad habits over night. I can say I’m going to quit pop until the cows come home but here I am sipping on a cherry coke as I type.

I can set goals. I can limit myself to just one cherry coke a day. Maybe with dinner. Maybe two on the weekend, if I’m good? I think when our calendars roll over to January we sometimes bite off more than we can chew. We overwhelm ourselves with these unrealistic resolution. Resolutions take time. Lots of time and work and sometimes so much we give up before it even seems we started.

I’m going to share some of my 2020 goals. I’m going to be realistic. I am a mother of two. I’m not going to set goals for the entire year. I m going to set weekly, monthly, day by day goals. Goals I hope that will make me a better wife and mother and maybe make my life a little bit easier. I want to handle stress and adversity better and I know that means day by day because as I said you can not change who you are over night. Even small changes like putting your laundry away on laundry day. That stuff takes time sis.

Daily Goals

Is it just me or are you more productive when you get ready for the day? Ladies you know what I’m talking about. Those days you might not even leave the house so you stay in your pajamas and just roll with it. I myself find to be more productive if I get up and get ready for the day. No matter what that day might intel. Get out of those sweat pants and organize the pantry!

The morning routine at our house is probably our most important but also our most hectic. Sometimes my toddler wants to clean up from the night of pee tail and baby sweat and sometimes he wants to rush up stairs for his morning milk. By the time we clean up, drink our milk, fill our bellies and get Mickey Mouse Clubhouse started mommy just wants to sit sip her coffee and catch up on social media. After that morning fuss the boys are usually pretty content watching cartoons and playing for quite sometime but instead of wasting to much time waiting to be needed a daily goal for me is to lay my phone down pour my coffee in a yeti to keep it warm and join play time. Watch B doing roll after roll and play cars with Miles. It is always so much fun for them when we join in on the play time. Let’s be honest days of our children wanting us to play with them are numbered. Enjoy it and take advantage.

A couple more daily goals for me are home goals. We have a routine of always cleaning up at bedtime. I hate the idea of waking up to a messy home. It is as simple as picking up as we go. Cleaning/ putting dishes in the dishwasher through out the day. Improving on your daily mess will help on days you need to do weekly chores like sweeping, laundry, actually running the dishwasher. Setting daily cleaning goals will keep you ahead of the game especially with tiny humans running behind you pulling toys out as you put them away.

Weekly Goals

We are laundry once a week type of people. Sometimes we may do a dark load through the week because man do we always have a huge dark load. Jared always says “all you wear is black”. We are pretty good about getting it done and getting it folded we can definitely improve on getting it put away. Are you just not too tired after the washing and folding? Some weeks we are good and some we are just bad so a weekly goal for us is to be better about putting laundry away.

Another weekly goal at our house is the sweeping/ Vacuuming. It is so easy to skip but if you are like us with kiddos and a fur baby you gotta do it! Just do it.

I also have a weekly goal of cooking dinner three days a week. We always do breakfast and lunch but sometimes it seems so much easier to hit the drive thru especially right now being at ball games most evenings. A Crockpot is really the best for any mama on the go!

A non home related weekly goal is to hit the gym 4-5 days a week. Something else that just makes me feel more productive and together is getting that daily workout in. Last week I worked out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and remembered feeling so accomplished because it was Wednesday and I already had three days in. Once again just get it done! You might bitch about going but I always regret not going. I’ve never regretted going to the gym.

Monthly Goals

I really just have one monthly goal and that is because like I had said I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. I want to be realistic with my goals and take them in steps. My main goal is to be more consistent with my blog and sharing the things I love. Family, fashion, recipes, just life in general. It really can be relaxing putting things into words and like sharing my goals for 2020 I think it will make me more reliable to do those things.

Here is to a new year with new goals but with my same wild bunch!

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