A Boy Mom’s Guide to Style

Boys are something as sweet as sugar wrapped in dirt. The sometimes rotten apple but nonetheless apple of their mothers eyes. I sometimes dream of frilly dresses, bows and all the pretty girl things. As for now I fully embrace my title as “boy mom”. As I also dream of days standing in a crowd yelling for my little slugger to steal base. Yes I’ll be that mom one day. I’ve realized in my short 21 months as a mother and two little dudes later that it is actually really hard to find stylish options for boys. Heck in some stores boy options period.

If you are a boy mama you’ve done it. You have walked into a child’s clothing store looked at the girls side ranging the length of the football field and then looked at the boys side ranging the size of a hall closet and instant disappointment. Don’t believe me. Next time really look at the difference in stock. Plus nine times out of ten your only options are sporty or cartoons. Girls have so many style option sure they have sporty and cartoons but they also have trendy. Mini versions of things I would have in my own closet. Now not to sound all salty about the limitless options for girl mama’s but this post is for all my boy mama’s struggling to find different option for their little men.

Now my boys wear clothing from Walmart, Target, many sale racks, to more trendy boutiques and online shops. I’m all about finding pieces for a deal but sometimes you do get what you pay for and spending a little extra is okay on occasion. Especially if you are like me and have multiple boys and hand-me-downs never hurt anyone.

Here is a list of my favorite places some of you mama’s might not know about.

Zara- Zara is my first because it is my first, my favorite place to shop for my boys. I’ve probably only started shopping at Zara the last 6 months and I’m honestly sad I missed the first year of Miles life without it. Banks got lucky I now have some experience with dressing dudes. Zara has everything from trendy pieces with loud fun colors and fun graphics, super soft knitwear and stylish basics. The pricing is very reasonable for what you get. Every piece I’ve purchased has been durable and out lived many stains and washes.

Here are some of my favorite pieces on Zara’s website right now.

Very similar to Zara another favorite of mine is H&M which I also did not realize till recently even sold kids clothing. One thing I especially love about H&M right now is their sizing starting at 0-1 which is perfect for little Banks. Everything seems to swallow him right now but H&M wrap onesie’s are the best fit for him we have found. The pricing is also very similar. They have a good variety of pieces and a good price range.

Here are some of my favorite H&M pieces right now.

A gem I found early on in my boy mama days was the cutest boys boutique Roman & Leo. That’s right a shop just for the dudes. All the trendy great pieces your little guys need. Check them out on Instagram @romanandleo

Here are some of my favorite Roman & Leo pieces.

My last shop I want to share is Little Bipsy who by the way is having an amazing sale right now. They have the best, coziest basics for boys and girls.

Here are a couple pieces I’ve recently ordered for Banks. Miles already had the same pieces so now they can match. All three items are now on sale!

Miles styling his H&M top with Zara shorts and his new favorite ‘choes” from Vans.
Banks styling his H&M set.
Miles in his Little Bipsy t-shirt, Zara shorts and Native shoes.
Banks styling his H&M outfit.
Miles in his Roman & Leo t-shirt, old navy shorts and converse.
Banks in his Roman & Leo gown.
Miles in his Little Bipsy outfit.

That’s all for my boy mom’s guide to the goodies. They may be covered in dirt and mud but your sweet little men can still be stylish.

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