Our last holiday as a family of three!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!

Before pool time. My romper is from Posh Boutique in London KY, bralette is from The Pink Lilly Boutique in Bowling Green KY, shoes are from Target.

Here is how our crew spent our Independence Day. The past few years we have vacationed during the holiday but being 36 weeks pregnant we vacationed weeks ago. It’s so strange vacationing during early summer. After I felt like summer was already over & we didn’t have anything to look forward to. In reality we had a lot to look forward to in adding a new little to our crew!

Miiles 1st Fourth of July at Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Being our last holiday before becoming a family of four I wanted to make the day as special & memorable as possible for Miles. That is no easy task in toddler world where a well timed nap or snack time can make or break a fun-filled day. In toddler world your day can go South if water is too wet.

Cute examples of how fast a tiny humans mood can change. (his sweet jumper is Vineyard Vines)

To kick our day off Jared started by changing my flat tire (the luck). While mama ran to Walgreens for last minute fun & festive supplies.

My receipt included

  • a new pool float
  • a Mickey Mouse beach ball that was actually some sort of sprinkler (we made it work)
  • a bubble machine
  • extra bubbles
  • a festive pinwheel
  • lemonade (Miles treat on special occasions)

I also included all of Miles outfits for the holiday weekend below.

His Mickey shirt was actually a gift & is Carter’s brand, his jeans shorts & yellow sandals are from Zara kids, stripe trunks are from H&M, both jumpers are from Vineyard Vines & his mix match shoes are from Native Shoes.
His shirt is old navy & same shorts from Zara & Native shoes.

Once I collected our fun & festive goodies it was back home to pack our pool bags & cooler & head to great Granny & Pap’s house for a pool day!

Jared’s grandparents have had a pool his entire life. Many grandchildren have learned to swim & have enjoyed many summers by the pool. I myself have enjoyed many summers there.

As soon as Miles walks into his great grandparents house he is ready to go! I have learned to apply his sunscreen before we leave our house just a few minutes away. Otherwise if we try to do it there it’s like fighting a wrestler for the championship belt at Summer Slam.

Our pool days usually start rather quickly. The days of tip toeing into a chilly pool are no more. With a tiny human when they are ready to jump in, so are you. However today we started off with the bubble machine. Do yourself a favor & buy your kid a bubble machine. As you can see in our photos Miles was a huge fan. Mom win.

After the bubble craze faded it was time to jump into the pool. Miles has been a little daredevil all summer jumping into the pool & into our arms, trying his very best to take off swimming. The highlight of the day was Miles swimming unassisted for the very first time! Of course with the help of his life jacket & dad being a finger length away. Our brave & fearless nineteen month old water dog was treading water like a natural. As a non-swimmer you can say I’m pretty proud.

After some play & pool & a little rain it was time for some grub. A wonderful spread of baby back ribs, green beans, baked beans, corn on the cob, cornbread, zucchini fritters, potato salad & a chocolate pie for dessert. The best part of any holiday is the food right? Mama & baby Banks were very happy!

We recently discovered that Miles loves corn on the cob. There is something very child like about eating corn on the cob. chowing down, back & forth like typing on a old type writer, butter going everywhere. You can see why a toddler would enjoy it.

I’ve added a Pinterest recipe I recently used for corn on the cob. You use half water & half milk & butter to boil & it’s so good you don’t have to add butter after.


  • 6-8 ears of corn, husks & silks removed & cut in half.
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 stick of butter


  • Fill a large pot about halfway with water
  • bring water to a boil
  • add milk & butter
  • add corn & reduce heat
  • simmer corn for 6 to 8 minutes
  • remove corn from cooking liquid & its ready serve

After getting our bellies nice & full it was back to pool & play.

Remember the Mickey beach ball that was actually a sprinkler here it is coming in hot from a Miles soccer kick nearly knocking my phone into the pool.
It is not a trip to Granny & Pap’s pool without a popsicle.

Shortly after popsicles the rain started to come & honestly it was good timing for a nap. Before we could even pull out of the drive way Miles was down for the count.

The rain unfortunately stopped our firework plans. Our evening instead consisted of couch cuddles, popcorn & movies. Let’s be honest baby cuddles & popcorn are way better than any fireworks.

Our day was not extravagant. It was simple family time. All you really need to celebrate any day is family.

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